Connect an Xbox or Xbox 360 to Your Computer Windows Network

Both the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox are a lot of fun, and they get even better when you connect them to the Internet. The Internet is the gateway to Xbox Live, where you can compete in your favorite games against your friends and all the other gamers on Xbox Live. With an Xbox Live game pad headset, you can even talk with other players. If you have an Xbox 360, you can download new games, free demos, and trailers from Xbox Live.You can also use the Xbox to connect to computers on your home network. If you have a Media Center PC and you connect your Xbox to your network, you can bring your recorded TV, videos, and music to your Xbox. That means you can watch TV on your Xbox, even if you don't have a cable connection in the room. If you have an original Xbox, you'll need the Media Center Extender for Xbox. Xbox 360 includes everything you need to connect to Media Center or to any Windows XP computer.

Before you connect your Xbox to your network, contact an Internet service provider (ISP) and have them configure an Internet connection to your home. For more information, read Connect to the Internet. If possible, have your ISP place the modem in the room with your computer.

Download Connect an Xbox Manual Guide here.pdf

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