HTC 7 Mozart Windows Mobile smartphone

HTC 7 Mozart Windows Mobile smartphone. Announced 2010, October. Features 3G, S-LCD capacitive touchscreen, 8 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth Anonymous. I'm so ready to plunge into W7P. But my dilemma is I'm still confuse between Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7. Hi Can someboby that has got the Mozart have a look at the side of the retail box and tell what the sar rating for the head and body Microsoft really isn't keen on having you swap out the microSD card that ships within its Windows Phone 7 devices HTC 7 Mozart gets its microSD card swapped, but only after an intense teardown session HTC 7 Mozart completely dismantled to uncover a stock Class 4 Sandisk 8GB microSD card burried deep under the case and electronics. The HTC 7 Mozart is a tough nut to crack. The memory is replaceable alright, but most definitely not without voiding the warranty.As much as the HD7 is stuck with its micro SD card, expect the same with the 7 Mozart. But, if you're really desperate to have that 8GB go miles, you'll just need some friendly tools like HTC announced three Windows Phone 7 devices for Australia during Microsoft's launch of its new mobile operating system last month. Of the three, only the HTC 7 Mozart sports a unibody aluminium chassis similar to what's found on the HTC Legend and the latest Desire HD smartphones. HTC's 7 Mozart . But unfortunately, you're still facing the same dilemma should you seriously risk destroying your phone forever just to get a capacity bump from 8GB to 32GB? Go here to see the HTC 7 Mozart gets its microSD card swapped.

Download Manual HTC 7 Mozart User Guide here.pdf

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