Smart Power Duracell myGrid

Charging is achieved by simply dropping the device on the grid pad as long as it contains a Power Clip which will work with Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia phones or a power sleeve. Power sleeves are cases with built-in technology to work with the charging pad and are made for specific devices. I reviewed the product using the iPhone power sleeve which is compatible with the 3G and 3GS phones.

The only thing I do not like about the sleeve is the fact that the dock connector at the bottom sticks out some. This is not a deal breaker, but may pose a problem for some users. The sleeve fits well and will provide the usual protection from such a case. There is enough of a ridge around the screen to protect against drops screen down on a surface. The back contains four small metal contacts that will combine to allow for charging on the pad. The contacts are contained on a small raised spot, but will not add enough bulk or change to be noticeable.

The Duracell myGrid system brings great convenience to charging while going wireless as well as providing a charging solution for several devices at once. Most cell phones as well as some iPod Touches can be charged on the pad so households with a variety of gadgets should be able to utilize the system. My wife has loved being able to simply toss her phone on the pad to charge up when she walks into the house.

The most powerful of the three portable chargers, the Powerhouse can charge two devices at once. It’s a reliable solution to make sure your devices never run out of power.

Download Manual Guide MyGrid here.pdf

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