The New Burning Software Nero 7 Ultra Edition User Guide

The new Nero 7 Ultra Edition certainly doesn't leave us disappointed. In this review, we will tell you about the variety of programs that Nero 7 Ultra Edition comes loaded with and how they work and if they are right for you.
To start, Nero 7 is built around the same "StartSmart" engine that Nero 6 was. It allows you to easily choose what task you wish to perform and the appropriate Nero application will start. This is very helpful to computer novices or anyone who isn't completely familiar with Nero's interface and variety of applications. The layout of Nero StartSmart is very easy to use and it puts all of Nero 7's applications at the users fingertips.

Nero 7 includes a new program called Nero Scout, which is a media organizer that keeps track of your video, audio and image files. It runs in the background and updates its database as you add, move or delete those types of files. Nero Scout can be useful if you have a lot of images on your computer because you can easily organize them into categories.

Nero Vision, Nero's video editing, authoring and slide-show application, has gotten a few updates too. DVD authoring is now more wizard based to make it a lot easier than it was before. Another added program is Nero Home, which is a Windows XP Media Center like application with a similar interface that allows you to watch TV if your computer has a TV-tuner card, control it via a wireless remote and time-shift the TV feed (if your tuner card supports it). You can finally make DVD's with chapters now with Nero Vision 7.

Download Manual Nero 7 BurningRoom User Guide here.pdf

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