SAS Cannot be Installed on Windows Operating Systems

OIT is now distributing The SAS System, Release 9.2 for Windows (32 or 64-bit) and Linux. Faculty, staff, and students at any UMass campus are eligible to get the software under the site license. Site licenses require an initial fee and an annual renewal fee. For current pricing, see OITs Site License information page.

SAS/Spectraview has been "retired", and is not included in SAS 9.2. GIS Census Tract maps is no longer included in 9.2. SAS Online Tutor has been replaced by SAS e-Learning. However, SAS Online Tutor 1.2, released with SAS 9.1.3 can be used with SAS 9.2.

SAS 9.2 for Windows cannot be installed on Windows Vista Home, XP Home, or Windows 98/ME or earlier operating systems.

SAS 9.2 for Linux is supported only on specified Linux implementations (see Software Requirements, below). It may not install, or may not run under other Linux systems.

If you wish to get SAS under the University of Massachusetts site license program, please contact the OIT Administrative Desk at 545-9730 or stop by A119 LGRC (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). SAS is distributed on DVD or CD. Current SAS site license users can update to SAS 9.2 for $10 administrative/medium fee for DVD, $25 for CD.

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
Windows (32-bit) Windows (64-bit) Linux
Intel or Intel-compatible Pentium 4 class processor x-64 processor family systems, aka Inte64, AMD64 Intel or Intel-compatible Pentium 4, or Xeon processor
1 GB minimum memory, (512 MB for XP Pro). More for improved performance 1 GB minimum memory, (512 MB for XP Pro). More for improved performance 64 MB minimum memory
1 GB minimum memory, (512 MB for XP Pro). More for improved performance 1 GB minimum memory, (512 MB for XP Pro). More for improved performance
SVGA Monitor SVGA Monitor X11 display with minimum 256 colors
2500 - 10,500 MB free hard disk space, depending on type of installation. 2000 MB free hard disk space, more depending on type of installation. 1600 MB free hard disk space, more depending on type of installation.

Software Requirements
Windows (32-bit) Windows (64-bit) Linux
Window 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate OR Window 7 for x64 systems, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate OR Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 OR
Windows Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate OR Windows Vista for x64 systems, Business, Enterprise or Ultimate editions Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 or higher Windows XP Professional for x64 Systems
File system support for long filenames is required. File system support for long filenames is required. 32-bit versions of X11 libraries
Internet Explorer 6, SP2 or higher Internet Explorer version 6 SP2 or higher Firefox 2

Note that SAS 9.2 for Windows cannot be run on Window 2000 or earlier operating systems, on Windows XP or Vista Home Editions, or on Intel Itanium based 64-bit systems .

Technical Support and Consulting
OIT provides technical support for installation and license renewal only. Contact Eva Goldwater, 413-545-2949. Consulting on software usage and statistical questions is available through the Biostatistics Consulting Center . Online Documentation for SAS 9.2..

The site license includes SAS e-Learning, a series of self-paced, web-based learning modules covering topics from Beginning to Advanced SAS Programming techniques. SAS e-Learning requires registration. Registration information is available at OIT Administrative Desk, A119 LGRC.

Compatibility with SAS Release 8
Data files and formats catalogs created with SAS version 8.0 or higher under Windows can be used directly with SAS version 9.x under Windows.

What's New in SAS, Release 9.2
SAS/Spectraview is no longer available in version 9.2. Complete list of features introduced in SAS 9.2 is at The following are a few highlights.

FCMP Procedure
The FCMP procedure is new for 9.2. The SAS Function Compiler Procedure (FCMP) enables you to create, test, and store SAS functions and subroutines.

CORR Procedure
The new ID statement for the CORR procedure specifies one or more variables to identify observations in scatter plots and scatter plot matrices.

FREQ Procedure
TheFREQ procedure can now produce frequency plots, cumulative frequency plots, deviation plots, odds ratio plots, and kappa plots using ODS Graphics.

In SAS 9.2, ODS Graphics is production, and over 50 procedures in SAS/STAT, SAS/ETS, SAS/QC, and Base SAS have been modified to use it. Many new plots are now produced by these procedures, either by default or with the specification of procedure options.
SAS/GRAPH statistical graphics procedures provide a simple syntax for creating graphics commonly used in exploratory data analysis and for creating customized statistical displays. These new procedures include the SGPANEL, SGPLOT, and SGSCATTER procedures. For more information, see the SAS/GRAPH: Statistical Graphics Procedures Guide.

GLIMMIX, GLMSELECT, and QUANTREG are production with SAS 9.2 and are available on all platforms. The GLMSELECT procedure performs effect selection in the framework of general linear models. The QUANTREG procedure performs quantile regression. The GLIMMIX procedure analyzes generalized linear mixed models.
Bayesian capabilities introduced in experimental procedures BGENMOD, BLIFEREG, and BPHREG are now production in GENMOD, LIFEREG, and PHREG procedures
The experimental MCMC procedure is a general purpose Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation procedure that is designed to fit a variety of Bayesian models. You specify a likelihood function for the data and a prior distribution for the parameters. PROC MCMC obtains samples from the corresponding posterior distributions, produces summary and diagnostic statistics, and saves the posterior samples in an output data set.

New Products
Your installation medium includes several optional products. Among them are SAS Power and Sample Size, SAS Stat Studio, SAS/GRAPH ODS Graphics Editor, SAS Enterprise Guide.

Download SAS 9.2 User Manual Guide here.pdf

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