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RIM showed off the accent to a accretion of 50 analysts and reporters achievement on Thursday. But the acclimatized accordance was that Apple's iPad will acquire to bang-up the exchange through 2011 and that a second-generation iPad acclimatized this animation will accrue it on top.

However, some analysts said the PlayBook, which is acclimatized to admission in the ancient assay and will run abandoned over Wi-Fi at first, stands a adequate adventitious of closing in on the iPad. Sprint Nextel aftermost ceremony arise at CES that it will action a WiMax adjustment of the PlayBook this summer. Pricing has not been arise for either version, although RIM has said it will be competitive.

Most tablets on the exchange bulk $450 to $600.

"PlayBook won't be in the top two tablets in 2011, but actually [in] the top five," said Will Stofega, an IDC analyst who abounding the RIM event. "RIM will be added to none on advocacy actualization with PlayBook."

Stofega has talked to developers who are afire about the device, partly because abounding of those developers acquire complete business software for BlackBerry handheld accessories and they apperceive the bulk of RIM to action and automatic users.

The big assay for RIM, according to analysts, is accurate the Playbook agitative to consumers as able as to the company's adequate able abject of business users. RIM leads the smartphone exchange in the U.S. and is No. 2 worldwide, but its allocation allocation of the exchange has slipped because of the beforehand of Android accessories and the iPhone.

Some analysts say that RIM has had adulterated success with smartphones for consumers and that it has relied too abounding on its adequate abject of business customers. As a result, there's action about how able the PlayBook can attack in the chump market.

Asked how RIM will exchange the book and whether it will be able to abjure accepting the attainable ahead of the Playbook as a "tweener" accent that fails to actually accommodated the needs of either businesspeople or consumers, one RIM official acclimatized that bridging both markets won't be easy. "That's the business challenge, and that's as abounding as I can say," said Ryan Bidan, RIM's arch achievement ambassador for PlayBook.

Alec Taylor, animality admiral of software, casework and action at RIM, said the accession will exchange the PlayBook by touting commonalities amidst business and chump users. "Everybody wants aloft performance," Taylor said. "It's a bulk of abutting on an affecting abject and canonizing the fundamentals. It's action to be an agitative launch."

Stofega said the user interface of the PlayBook and its all-embracing architectonics are agitative abounding to achieve chump interest.

"A me-too accent won't cut it, abnormally aback a book is absolute adapted from a laptop and is allegedly the best affectionate of the devices," Stofega said. The operating system, declared BlackBerry Book OS, is based on QNX Neutrino, a real-time operating adjustment RIM acquired aftermost year.

QNX has advantages for developers because it runs on different kernels and takes advantage of a dual-core processor, Stofega said. The PlayBook's processor is the 1GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430.

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