Calls Speaker HD Audio From Jawbone ERA

Jawbone call it Motion-X, but it’s basically a way to kick the headset easily into pairing mode – “ShakeShake” – or answer/end calls – “TapTap” – by shaking or tapping the body of the ERA. Power on and shake ERA four or so times and it will automatically go into pairing mode; then, when you’re wearing the headset, a brisk double-tap will answer incoming calls.

The Era is small, but a bit taller than the Icon, measuring 2 inches long, 0.6 inches wide, and just under an inch thick. Like the Icon, the Era sports a single multi-function button for answering, ending, and switching between calls. Pressing and holding the button initiates voice dialing by default, but can instead trigger MyTalk apps—more on those later. Pressing and holding the button during a call or other audio playback will slowly cycle the volume up and down; you release the button when you’re happy with the volume. (You can also adjust the volume directly from your phone.) The only other visible hardware control is an On/Off slider switch.

Using a gesture that Jawbone dubs “TapTap”—a double-tap anywhere on the device’s exterior—mirrors the basic functionality of the hardware button: you can answer, end, and switch between calls with a quick tap-tap. You can also achieve the same results by shaking the headset—assuming the Era isn’t yet in your ear, of course. Two quick shakes—a gesture Jawbone has christened “ShakeShake”—followed, one presumes, by a quick insertion of the Era into your ear is equivalent to a TapTap or a button press.

While the ShakeShake pairing system is slick, it’s the tap-to-answer that really makes the ERA straightforward to use. Rather than hunting for a button – or having to press so hard that it hurts your ear or even dislodges the headset – it’s intuitive to gently tap the ERA a couple of times and then start talking. Jawbone tells us that the Motion-X tech on the ERA is simply the first step in how it expects to develop the technology, and the upgrade potential via the MyTALK system means there’s a good chance new motions will be introduced at a later point.

You Can Download Jawbone ERA Manual User Guide Click Here

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