Dell Tablet Android Froyo Streak 7 With NVIDIA Tegra 2

Dell and T-Mobile USA at CES in Las Vegas showing off their new tablet, the Dell Streak 7, an Android 2.2 powered tablet that supports T-Mobile's high-speed HSPA+ data network.

Tablet device from Dell earned its WiFi certification, and immediately after got tossed around the rumor mill for a bit. While some thought it was the Opus One, a tablet with some similar specifications as the already-released Dell Streak 5-inch tablet, others thought it was the 7-inch variation, previously known as the Looking Glass. Well, if this in-production commercial is any indicator, then it looks like it is the 7-inch variation, but unfortunately the device isn’t called the Looking Glass. Instead, Dell went with something safe: This is the Dell Streak 7.

You’ll also find the same Stage User Interface (UI) that was recently added to the five-inch Streak. There’s also a Blio reader that gets some face time in the ad. Dell is sticking with, “You can tell it’s Dell,” for their slogan. While Looking Glass would have been a better name for the device, we’ll just have to make due with the Streak 7.

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