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Amazon Kindle is the software and hardware developed by to store and display electronic books and other digital media. Four hardware known as the "Kindle", "Kindle 2", and third-generation devices, known by the name "Kindle", and "Kindle DX." Most media companies, customers, and the reviewer refers to the last generation Amazon Kindle, "Kindle 3." Kindle software applications can be used in Microsoft Windows, IOS, Blackberry, and Mac OS X (version 10.5 and above) and Android. Amazon's first hardware, the first generation Kindle, only released to the United States on November 19, 2007. Latest hardware, third-generation Kindle with 3G can be used in 100 countries and was launched on July 28, 2010.

Hardware Kindle
uses E Ink electronic paper display that has 16 levels of gray. First Kindle can download content over Amazon Whispernet uses Sprint's EVDO network in the United States. Kindle Device 2 uses AT & T network and additional charges for international access. Kindle hardware can be used without a computer connection and Amazon Whispernet is accessible without monthly fees or dues wireless. All types of Kindle (unless Kindle that has Wi-Fi) provides free access to the internet in the U.S. territory through the cellular network, although at regular shipping would cost and other content when customers are outside their country. Kindle does not maintain a print edition page numbers that are used to put the sources, references and citations.

Amazon launched the Kindle for free to computer applications, users can read books using the Kindle in Windows. Furthermore, Amazon launched the Kindle for Macintosh. Kindle version for free for mobile devices is also available in operating systems from Research in Motion (RIM), Apple and Google. This alternative version can not match the hardware Kindle in reading newspapers, magazines, or blogs because E Ink technology owned Kindle device. With the launch of third generation Amazon Kindle in July 2010, Amazon also launched a version for the Kindle store. Users can transfer their accounts between the two stores and purchasing books can also be transferred, but can not be transferred periodically archive automatically and require manual transfer.

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