Microsoft Windows 7 Phone to Smartphone

Microsoft will release Windows 7 OS for smart phones later this year to head off pressure from other operating systems like Google's Android. "OS Windows 7 Phone to compete with other smart phone OS and Windows OS update from the previous phone," said Haswar Hafid, Office of Consumer Marketing Manager of Microsoft Indonesia when the media outing of Microsoft Office 2010 in Cape Dimples, Banten, some time ago.Windows 7 OS users can use Microsoft Office 2010 for editing office documents and excellence in smart phone OS is tebaru & navigation features of interest.

Why the rapid development of the Windows PC OS market is not transmitted to the OS Windows Phone was the development of OS Windows Phone was not as aggressive as other countries at this time because Microsoft Indonesia has not been the focus of the smartphone market. "But the future we will do major promotions like other woods OS smart phone," he said.

Haswar also added that every country has a different OS on their own markets as in the United States and Indonesia are dominated by RIM's BlackBerry and Apple iPhone or the Android OS in other countries.

Windows OS market segment not only for high end users, but especially to users who require high mobility. "Not only businessmen, students who have mobility can also use the Windows OS," said Haswar.

What distinguishes the Windows OS with other smart phone OS, Windows OS Haswar said bussiness is more directed to other smart phone OS lead to social networking.

When asked about the main competitor Apple Antaranews success with the iPad, iPhone, and other PC, Microsoft Office Product Group Head of Indonesian Bussiness Bonnie Mamanua react wisely. "I know that Apple is growing, but we Microsoft will compete with it in a positive competition and become our future challenges.

Download Manual Microsoft Windows 7 Phone here.pdf

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